Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stir crazy and the effects of children

This weekend was weird. We had a lot of time to do things this weekend but we didn't really have anything to do? I know this sounds like a dream to some, but it drives me nuts. I cannot just sit. And to double my frustration I feel that I should spend all of my time with "the fam" for fear of being the absentee workaholic father figure, even if the ideal thing for my 2 year old is to do nothing, absolutely nothing, not even whine, or watch tv, just aimlessly walk around the house requiring little intervention from yours truly. I finally reached my breaking point around 12:30 this afternoon when I realized everything we had to do today was over. Up at 6, church at 8, lunch at noon, and then what? The sun was already heading down and it felt like 8pm.

We opted for a family walk. A fully bundled 30 degrees and windy family walk, I was desperate. Luckily after that my wife took pity on me and I retired to the studio for the afternoon. It definitely seems that it will be a long dark winter.........

Monday, November 3, 2008


Tuesday evening will mark the end of one of the most popular tv reality series in recent history. The 2 year race for presidency will finally be over after record turnout America will have spoken loud and clear, hopefully, or maybe they will simply affirm the last 2 elections and consumately determine that we are unable to make up our minds and will be left to have other "more equiped people" make our decisions for us.

I have to give it to the media and canpaing staff, they have really managed to appeal to the lowest common denomitor this time. Supporters on both sides of this campaing have truly come to grasps with thte emensity of the decision they need to make. Who is the coolest polotician in America. Who went on Letterman the most? Who guest spotted SNL. Who appeals to my backwards ideologies the most. Who seems to be the "simplest" most approachable, canidate? Who's going to fold my laundry and feed my kids? Who will personnally enter my dreams and decifer them for me allowing me to finally realize my potential! Who supports the my every whim? Who do any number of famous people support, I just love that Oprah!? The list could extemnd adnausium.

If I here one more zealot say, "I just love the way she doesn't get washington." or "She's really attractive" I may in fact drill a hole in my head!
If I here one more indoctrinated childrens chior singing the gospel of Barak I my vomit a little in my mouth. Our country has lost it's mind and is fanatally running wild on itself.

Once the lavish fundraisers are over, once the campaing budgets are spent(what do they do with the leftovers?), once the imported plastic elephants and donkeys are returned to china for recycling into baby toys, what then. Billions have been spent on the worlds most rediculous look at me I'm awesome contest ever. I have heard of students dropping out of school to campaing? People so emotionally damaged from loosing last campaings they hit big depressions? KNOCK IT OFF!!

Call me sinical, please feel free to call me sinical, I have lost a lot of faith in our poloticians and my fellow countrymen observing this freakshow, and cannot wait to kick back with a tall Coors 16 ozer, maybe watch a little mork and mindy on channel 57 and slip back to a consumptive slumber, I wonder if there will be any hot girls and guys on the next survivor?