Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stir crazy and the effects of children

This weekend was weird. We had a lot of time to do things this weekend but we didn't really have anything to do? I know this sounds like a dream to some, but it drives me nuts. I cannot just sit. And to double my frustration I feel that I should spend all of my time with "the fam" for fear of being the absentee workaholic father figure, even if the ideal thing for my 2 year old is to do nothing, absolutely nothing, not even whine, or watch tv, just aimlessly walk around the house requiring little intervention from yours truly. I finally reached my breaking point around 12:30 this afternoon when I realized everything we had to do today was over. Up at 6, church at 8, lunch at noon, and then what? The sun was already heading down and it felt like 8pm.

We opted for a family walk. A fully bundled 30 degrees and windy family walk, I was desperate. Luckily after that my wife took pity on me and I retired to the studio for the afternoon. It definitely seems that it will be a long dark winter.........

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  1. hmmm. are there any museums around? also making a fort and reading stories can be fun. or sometimes i go to michaels and get craft things like those foam sticker things and we have family contests to see who the winner is. i drive the kids crazy because i am always the judge and i pick mine. they go crazy. or you could try to make your own slime or playdough. there is even edible playdough recipes!! or you could do a family movie event and make popcorn and set up pillows and pretend you're at the movies. or we get out our play instruments and put on a cd and just jam. sofia can do that for hours! just some sugggestions that i have gotten over the years when i was going stir crazy. i am always amazed at how the simplest of things can entertain kids. even blowing bubbles in the living room is such a treat. but i guess when you have only been alive for two years everything is still new and magical.