Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog...

It has been 3 weeks or more since my last blog entry. I'm not sure why but here I go, back on the horse!

Some how in life I never left school. I had one year off from academics after I graduated College the first time and even then my lovely wife was a teacher so the academic schedule still ruled our home. Here it is 2 weeks till finals and then the all to necessary Christmas break! I love teaching, I specifically love teaching college the students are somewhat more engaged and infinitely more interesting,( although they do lack the unbridled enthusiasm of the HHFN kindergartners and the Santa's helper relay race I created).

As the end looms it becomes a great flurry of getting things done. I am more motivated, they are more motivated and soon it will be time to start over. I think that is the real catch for me. Every semester provides an opportunity to do it better, to try something new and expand on what you had. While staying up late to reread textbooks over and over does loose its luster about now. I take sollice in the fact that on Dec 16th I will be done with this chapter and on to the next.

That chapter is of course the holiday season! Holy crap! This year has been simultaneously the longest and shortest of my life. We moved 1300 miles across this great country twice. Bringing with everything that we own. We had our second child, I ran my own business, taught at 3 colleges and started my first full time teaching position. We bought a house, set up a new studio, and now I have completed the first semester of my new job. This is like 4 normal years of life crammed into one!

But on the other hand we spent most of this year waiting... Waiting for the baby, waiting to hear about the job offer, waiting to here about our house, waiting to move, just waiting.

Alas the end is near and then it will be time to start over, things to do, places to go, But I do hope we pace ourselves and enjoy the trip.

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  1. I love you baby! Noone else I'd rather wait around with!