Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Traffic jam in Dyersvile

Today I had a flashback to my commuting days in old Boston MA. I was heading into D-ville for some disposable brushes to apply finish to project I am completing for the holidays. I went the back way through down town when suddenly as I pulled onto the main drag traffic stopped??? there was a line of vehicles, as I came over the hill there was a line in the other direction too! Gridlock!

What in this peaceful town could have caused such calamity...
As I rounded the water tower I saw the culprit, The squeamish may want to stop now, all 500 lbs of him. The cow was casually trotting down the street. He seemed calm as he inspected each passing car with an air of "WHAT the hell do think your lookin' At" on his face and in his gate.

May be more surprising was the lack of response from other drivers and even myself. People slowed down, let him pass and then went about their business me included. I wonder what the response to this might have been on I 93 say between Quincy and Granite AVE? I picture State troopers and possibly SWAT. But alas in D-ville all the response was one man, watching his cow run down the street a look on his face that said, "Wonder when he's going to get tired of this and come back?"

The great thing about being home is knowing that this won't make the news, and I am sure the situation resolved itself as everyone else who saw it is confident the parties (the cow and the man) must have some agreement that will surely play out.

Boy am I glad I ran out of brushes!


  1. Do you know what my response would have been if we saw it on I 93? "HIT IT!!! That's like 50 steaks! We can strap it to the hood!"

    Because I know where beef comes from, and its hard to come by out there!

  2. Steaks come from Abe & Louie's! Speaking of roads, we're fighting turnpike toll increases here now. In 6 months it could cost 10 bucks to leave Eastie. What does a cow 15 trips through the Ted Williams?