Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to school, back to school...

Here I am in my dungenous office trying frantically to not get anything accomplished before classes start tomorrow... Blogging, ah yes the perfect distraction. I am not ready for classes in any sense of the word. I had my calanders crossed and thought classes started next week so My brain just isn't ready to make plans, think about complex ideas, or any of the other million things that come with getting the semester off to a good start. The real kicker is I wanted so badly to get just a little ahead of the game so I would not be at Def Con 3 All semester waiting for the bombs... But alas here I am looking at 4 long months of treading water as each day someone hands my a pebble... On the upside My wife has started to get back to work and will surely get her full time replacement job which will alleiviate many financial burdens but will also come at teh cost of doubling the amount of work at home... I guess I could be looking for a job so I'll not be caught complaining, or procratinating any more...I mean it no more wasting time...I need to focus...OK here I go.

I mean it!


Till next time

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