Friday, January 23, 2009


Last night we took our oldest daughter to a PreSchool open house! Even as I type this I am confused as to how this happened. We ate supper, we took a shower we got gussied up and walked up to the school house. Addie was very excited. She is a good combination of me and my wife. She needs people around like Chrissy and she has no problem engaging them when she gets there you can all guess on that particular characteristic;)

Any way we get there and I couldn't be prouder. I took off her coat and she was off playing in a sandbox (inside, these people are nuts) with another little girl who was there. I don't think she looked back once, I on the other hand found myself following her around so I didn't get too far away, its pathetic I know.

After introducing myself to some of her other potential classmates(I got some curious responses) it was time to split up and the parents were going to go to the other side of the room for the informational meeting. Some children cried a little, but I noticed Addie could care less. I went over and told her what was going on and she said "OK" and ran off.(sound of heart breaking)

I think Chrissy and I would agree we are simultaneously glowingly proud of her and shocked that in 7 short months she will be here on her own having a life that we only get to look in on...


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  1. i know. but don't worry after a few days she'll realize what's really going on and the screaming leg-holding will ensue. oh and clear off your refridgerator and get ready for some gems...