Friday, January 30, 2009

This is why I hate politics.

My father in law is a loon(i say that with the utmost respect and love). But he is also one of those people that likes to find facts and figures and he was right on top of getting the official "bail out" bill linked on his blog. I will repeat it here.

Now I usually do not care too much about this kind of thing but our elected government is preparing to spend close to a Trillion with a T dollars, so as a concerned citizen I perused the document, Most of the 256 pages any way, and having just read my good friends blog on the loss of John Updike, and the waining of intellectuals in America here is some food for thought...

pg 47line 8 650,000,000 appropriated for digital converter boxes for non cable subscribers to make sure springer comes in clear and in 1080p(i added the last part, it wasn't in the bill)

pg 129 line 12 50,000,000 For the National Endowment for the arts...

That's 13 times more money appropriated (a fancy word for taken) to TV reception over arts programs. I realize this is a drop in the bucket of the total plan even if you add the two together but, in a place where funding seems to be everything, I sense a trend towards the dumb and homogeneous. I can't wait for the new season of "Ow my Balls"

Kill your tv...



  1. Thin ice bud, mighty thin ice!! :)

    The loon!

  2. No long rambling response here.

    I completely agree.

    I'm no economist. Well, that's a grave understatement. I barely know how to add. And until last week I thought 2 quarters was more than 1 dollar ('s an understandable mistake).

    But I feel in my gut that dropping 800 billion on pet projects won't solve the problem. I'm pretty certain too that more tax cuts is an over simplification.

    It seems we need something closer to a WPA...which is what I think the original intent here was but it's turned out to be not really much like that at all.

    What would we do without TV?

    I read recently that only 54% of US adults say they read books. What are the other 46% doing?

  3. I smell bacon!!!

    That reading stat is even scarier if you ask them what kind of books. Grandma Porn is no metter the Entertainment Tonight!