Thursday, April 16, 2009

I wish I had a tail...

Yesterday and today at lunch our conversation curiously turned to the prospect of a human tail.

Colleague 1: I'll have to get my tail removed.
Colleague 2: You have a tail?
Colleague 1: Well not a "real" tail
Colleague 3: Well actually we all have a "tail" bone
Myself I've heard of cases where people do in fact have tails.
Colleague 2: Oh yeah, I think I heard that too!
Myself If you had a tail, what kind of tail would you want???

Anyway this is standard fair at our lunch table as we all attempt to shy away from the business of the day. I like to think that my profound ability to BS and my fairly creative mind aid in our discussions taking, while sometimes odd, very interesting detours.

Well to answer my own question, which i did in the course of the conversation,
I would like a long prehensile tail. A South American sail as one colleague pointed out. It would be most use full in making sculpture to have that one extra hand like appendage. However the golden retriever tail is a close second as it is as useful for expressing emotions as the human face and does not require someone to make eye contact to do so. I mean if you see me from behind and your coming up you'll know if you want to interrupt me or steer clear by a simple glance at my posterior appendage.

So there it is,
What kind of tail would you want to have?



  1. Short and stubby so that when I wagged it my whole body would be wiggling. Oh, and I wouldn't get poop on it.

  2. can i have wings too?
    wings that i can tuck away and then pull out when i'm stuck in traffic.

  3. You may have wings, either tuckable and or visible only to you. However the questioin still remains...What kind of tail would you have???

  4. a monkey type tail. one with which i can hang from trees.
    this would also be easy to tuck into pants when i had a more "formal" dinner or some such to go to and I didn't want to draw attention to myself.