Monday, July 13, 2009

Running at 30

So I was an athlete in highschool, football and track(I did feild events). So running for me has always been a punishment for something. Late for practice, run. Bad test score, run. And of course the worst part of each school year was running "THE MILE"! I remember vividally sucking wind at the end of the run. Maybe it would be 10 minutes of running and sucking wind then lying down for 5 minutes to "recover". Just last week I ran 3 miles. Not a huge distance but I ran the whole thing, it took about 30 minutes and I was able to come in and cook dinner for the fam. What I have come to realize from all this is A) a mile is just a warm up, and each sequential mile becomes easier, B) I was a lazy kid and really just didn't like breathing heavy, and C) As I get older I get better at pacing myself and listening to my body and what it needs to work.

So running still sucks a little but I"m getting there, and the developement of the 4 pack I'm sporting is good motivation.

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