Monday, March 16, 2009


Well its done...

This actually went down as a great birthday! This last week was my schools spring break and it felt like I really had time to take stock and enjoy my birthday week.

It was rocky to start but the fam really helped out by taking the kids out of the equation and giving Chrissy and I some much needed adult time together. The weekend was also boosted by the ever nostalgic return to our old High school(now a middle school) for Chrissy's triumphant return to the floor as a Voyager. I had way more fun than I should have watching her practice in the kitchen all week between naps and feedings. In her glorious fashion she waited until she had just enough time to learn it(only took an hour or so) and I must say, 13 years and 2 kids later she was awesome and you ladies out there should be disgusted!

The trip down memory lane was aided by a trip to a local bar in Vinton where libations and stories flowed easily, a great birthday eve!

Saturday was marked by my daughters greatest gift, sleeping in! cake and presents followed. I finally received my long awaited guitar this year! For those who don't know I have been asking for one for every major gift giving holiday for 6 years and finally it was my time! And it didn't stop there! My wife takes these things very seriously, so I have a guitar, stand, picks, how to DVD and book lessons, an encyclopedia of chords, and the piece De la resistance "The essential J R Cash" song book. How can I fail!

The afternoon saw us out to a movie (boring to some but a rare commodity in our house) The "watchmen" did not disappoint, however anyone looking for a action packed comic book thriller be warned! The psychological intensity of an early montage of the film set to Dylan's Times are a changing almost brought me to tears.

Now on to the main event!!!

Here Ye, Here Ye,

The greatest display of St. Patrick's debauchery this side of Southey is, (imagine drum role) PETERSBURG IA!
It was insane. Starting just afternoon the annual St P's Bike Ride from Dyersville to Petersburg was underway. As we sat in the living room we watched as green clad, tutu wearing, beer drinking, bead toting, crazy hat sporting revelers pedaled past our house to the local community hall and the local bar for a "pit stop" before either sleeping it of in a lawn or perilously trekking back in to D ville. We made it out to the Hall and witnessed a great small town tradition, the ridiculously drunken hillbilly dance party! Needless to say the invites are out for next year, these people definitely follow the work hard play hard mantra!

Til later


  1. A guitar? Lucky!
    I expect "Ring of Fire" by New Year's.
    Happy Birthday again Jeremy!

  2. Don't forget about the pie from your mum! Yum!