Friday, October 31, 2008

Beer and Philosophy

Lets just say that life while not always what you want often gives you exactly what you need. I have been searching for a new book to read for several weeks. I often Find myself reading books about obscure things that are important for my work as an artist but really are not "fun". Until this week. My colleges library had as a new offering "Beer and Philosophy". It is a collection of contemporary philosophers, brew masters, and beer enthusiasts writing essays about the finer points of one of the worlds greatest accidents, my friend and colleague the beer!

As many who know me will say I have over the last 5 years become increasinly choosy about my beer. It has become a hobby, Looking for the next greatest thing! I have become in some cases according to family members, a beer "snob". If wanting to look for something interesting and unique in a mass produced world is being a snob then guilty! And the more I read about macro brewery techniques the more I question that they are even beer at all! Most good beer is regional and has limited distribution so I have recently found myself in a new search for my beverage of chose her in NE Iowa.

Last night I found myself home with nothing to do?! My 2 year old had hit the sack, my 4 month old passed out in the swing, and my wife was off indulging her own nerdocity at a reading group about the cold war, (I have now idea what is interesting about this but she doesn't get Jackson Pollock either). I desided to endulge in a favorite pass time, the long soak in a very hot tub with a book, "Beer and Phiolosophy". I took 2 new beers I'm getting to know from a variety pack of a local Wisconsin Brewery and indulged! 2 beers and 2 essays later(the book provides you with a beer drinking schedule to follow as you read) my wife was home, my toes were wrinkley and I was excited about the new beers I get to try and a little homesick for those I have left behind. All and all an excelent experience!

It all reminded me that it is impotant to remember to indulge in moderation. To realize when you are indulging yourself and to enjoy the fact that you are.

So this weekend try and remember the thing you like most and do it! Just remember the thing that makes it so great is that you don't always get to!

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