Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Every ones Blogging but me?

Day 1.

I am blogging...I'm not sure why I am here but it seems to me that everyone I know and most of the people I don't are now blogging. My wife is blogging, sharing here day with others. Mostly people we know maybe some we don't but I have to say it is interesting for me to read her memoirs. Its nice that we can sit on opposite couches at our seperate laptops and really connect.? We are a nostalgic species, reminicing over the events of earlier this week, earlier today.

Still cynisism asside it is nice to share stories and stay in touch on a regular basis. I hope in the future to bring something to this blog that helps someone, somewhere feel a little better about something. That should be vague enough to almost be imposible to not accomplish.


1 comment:

  1. oh it's good to see you on here! just like my space, you're coming along. isn't it fun?