Saturday, October 25, 2008

Black holes and North East Iowa

Last night I went to an African dance show at the collegeI teach at. First I should note my school is a Coolege for the brotherhood of the divine word, a catholic seminary and 4 year college for religious people to prepar for missionary work around the globe, it is also located in a town of 500 people in the middle of a cornfeild?. Everything here is in the middle of a cornfeild, the towns are like a series of islands floating in a sea of swaying carbohydrates!

Most of my students are from other countries and speak english as a second language. It is an annomaly as many may guess since Iowa might be one ot the most homogenous places in the US. The crowd however consisted of a good mix, I was impressed that in this very rural area there were 100+ people who treked to the school to see this event. It was excelent!!! We danced and clapped and listened to stories we couldn't understand. The over 80 crowd (approx 30% of the audience) clapped more than danced but by god they were into it! This was just another of the surreal moments I find myself experiencing everyday.

One Moment I am tooling down the road enjoying the country views the soft cent of cow flatuence in the air and the vext I am hob knobbibg at a gallery openning with other people like myself. This is a strange place where people park in the church parking lot to walk to the bar? Can't blame them the church has the only parking and the bar is the only one in the area , it works for them.

Well I should go church tomorrow, and someones holding my barstool for me!

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  1. I know baby... how weird can we get... Hey, can you bring my a glass of water? :)